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The Visualite Theatre

I am a HUGE fan of small music venues. The smaller and more ‘hole in the wall’ ...the better.

I found this ticket stub a few years ago in the attic at my Mom’s house. No idea why she kept it. It’s a movie stub from 1947 when her parents went to see a movie “The Best Years of Our Lives” at the Visulite Theatre in 1947. Two tickets were $1.50. I remembered I had taken some notes for a blog I was going to post about the theatre, but never got around to ... until today.

One of my Dad’s best friends Johnny Craver, who I’ve known my entire life and is full of the BEST stories told me the story of his his Dad, Alton Broadway "AB" Craver, who was the 1st owner of the theatre in the 1930s. He was the 1st businessman to go outside of Downtown Charlotte, NC into "suburbia" & open a movie theatre. People told him he was CRAZY & it would never make it. That theatre DID make it; that theatre is called The Visulite Theatre.

It opened in about 1936 & the Craver's owned it until the mid 50s. It was also the 1st theatre in Charlotte to have air conditioning, which was a big deal. It was later turned into a movie theater that showed porn flicks and then it eventually became a music venue. (I’m not sure what year, so if you know, comment below).

I saw that they, like a lot of small businesses, have fallen on hard times and have a GoFundMe page set up on Facebook. Soooo many fun nights there seeing so many amazing acts; lots of my friends bands. The annual February tradition of going to watch UNC vs DUKE - so many good memories.

Donate if you can. Any amount is greatly appreciated 🙏🏼



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