• Jenna Gribble

Let's All Be Influencers

Picture credit: Andrew Taylor

I started blogging 7 years ago to promote my friends small business, local music and my hometown. If I can do my part and influence even a third of my followers to social distance and stay home, I feel like I’ve done my part.

I think now is the time to shift the narrative to focus on how we as a community can do our part in declining the number of cases of Covid19 and flattening the curve. Let’s be honest, we are all ready for this to be over.

Let’s ALL be influencers and work together and encourage people to stay home & follow the rules and get this virus out of here.

Like you, I’m ready to be out of the house, on a boat at the lake and ending the night at my fav neighborhood spot with my friends. Let’s do what we need to do NOW, so that we can get back to life.

PLEASE practice social distancing. STAY HOME! It’s that simple. 🙏🏼

Will the city pay influencers to promote social distancing

For more information on how you can social distance, please go to coronavirus.gov



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