• Jenna Gribble

Social Distancing is Trending

SocialDistancing is trending #ICYMI.

6 feet apart - that’s the rule. And it’s an easy rule to follow. Stop thinking you are immune to the virus. This pandemic has become very real, very fast. The amount of people that I know that have the virus is growing daily. Scary times. Friends are unemployed and we are ALL losing our minds. It’s all heartbreaking and foreign. All the things you’re feeling - worry, uncertainty, boredom, MAJOR anxiety....they are all valid. We are all feeling the same stuff.

Do your part and PLEASE STAY HOME. Stop congregating on the lake (I see you out on your boat - YES! I’m talking to YOU) and decks and at parks. People are dying. Let’s do better so that we can hopefully get back to normal ASAP.

Make me proud Charlotte.



#staytunedqc #Covid19


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