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Documentary Love: The Dawn Wall

"Why are you doing this?"  

That is the question. Some people just have that adventure/'you're crazy" bone in them. I know a few people lile that. 

Heck! I think we all do.

The Dawn Wall, which came out today on Netflix, is a documentary I have been waiting to see. I remember the story of Tommy Caldwell being taken hostage oversees years ago and having to fight off his captures or be killed. I only remembered his name because we have a family friend with the same name. When I heard Red Bull Media House was making the film, I never thought it could be the same guy.

But it was.

The Dawn Wall is a true story about the human spirit, survival and heroism. It's a story of friendship and heartache. It's a story of overcoming PTSD and accomplishing what everyone said you couldn't. 

No one has ever climbed the 3,000 foot Dawn Wall of El Capitain in Yosemite National Park until Tommy Caldwell (who only has 9 fingers; he lost part of his index finger in a table saw accident) and Kevin Jorgenson came along. It took them 19 days. The film took 7 years to make, with 60-70 days on the wall.

I was especially excited to see the cinematography - Oh how I miss backpacking around the country. The West is like no other place I can describe, unless you have seen it with your own eyes. Every turn is a new postcard waiting to be printed. 

Definitely add this to your list of must-see’s if your a documentary lover like me. 

Catch the trailer here:



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