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Take Me To Your Leader

Am I still in North Carolina y’all? I feel like I’m on another planet.👽🛸 (I’m roughly 400 miles East of Charlotte, NC.)

This is The Futuro House, a space age home at the beach, located in Frisco, NC (52186 Morriss Lane) on Hatteras Island between Buxton and Hatteras. The spaceship was originally painted bright green (picture courtesy of Greg Brown/ @roadside_america ) and served as a foodstop named "Cosmic Cones and Carry Out.” Prior to that it was called "The Footlong Out Of This World Hot Dog Stand".

In my research, I found there to be a LOT of controversy over this roadside attraction; it was not up to code, etc. It has been moved around a lot, been painted silver and survived numerous hurricanes. It reminded me of the spaceship in Lost in Space. “Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!” I loved that show as a kid.

It’s private property, so unless you’re lucky enough to run into the owner, Leroy Reynolds, you can’t go inside. He bought the spaceship after Hurricane Dennis (1999) that was designed by Matt Suuronen, who is an architect and designed the prefabricated home in the 60s. Less than 65 of them are scattered around the world. Bottom line, it’s a cool roadside attraction decorated in a lot of alien memorabilia that tourists seem to love, myself included.

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