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Charlotte Loves "The Jesus Saves Guy"

New York has the Naked Cowboy. Charlotte has the Jesus Saves guy.

I, along with a lot of other regulars in the city have become quite fond of Sam Bethea​. I look forward to seeing his big smile & hearing his booming deep voice echo through the city, reminding me that I am loved.

I remember the 1st time I encountered Sam. He was outside of BofA stadium saying "Jesus saves" and he looked at me, right in my eyes and said "Jesus loves you." I believed him. I replied "I know; he loves you, too." We shared a warm smile.

I saw him a few weeks ago when I was Uptown. I see him almost every time I am walking around the city. He's not aggressive or yelling BS about the Devil or politics. He simply wants to remind you that you are loved. I guess you can kinda say he has become a staple in Uptown.

To hear this morning that someone assaulted him is sad & makes me angry (He was shoved into a fountain and sprained his ankle and broke his phone). “He pushed me and then turned around and walked away. He had no regard for human life.”

This is NOT the norm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Of course, Sam handled it in his gentle way and prayed for the person. He is strong like that and doesn't have hate in his heart. Sam, I hope I get to see you this weekend when I am Uptown for the Wv vs. TN game so I can give you a big ol' hug. Big ups to you Sam Bethea — myself & the city of Charlotte, along with Jesus Love You ♥️

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