• Jenna Gribble

Fear vs. Faith

What’s the saying “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”....

I doubt myself daily. I’m human. I can give great advice, but I can’t take it. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. I’m hard on myself. I can look back and laugh at how things that I thought were going to be impossible always work out ... somehow or someway.

I read this advice yesterday. Then I read it again. And again. “The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. Focus on your work, study it. Compare it to yesterday’s work. Look and see what you could’ve done better, then put together a plan on when you can go back and see the exact same thing and do better. Challenge yourself and stay hungry for more. If the fire is there inside of you, feed those flames and let it take over your life. Do it all and it won’t matter what level you’re on, because there are no levels. Do what matters to YOU.”

Thank you for sharing @unclejut 🙏🏼 It definitely put a positive spin on my week.

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