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Biossance: Love Your Skin The Non-Toxic Way


I betcha don’t know what squalane is?

I had never heard of it until last year, thanks to Sydney over at The Daybook. She visited the Biossance home office in California to learn about their non-toxic skincare line, and after reading THIS I was interested to try their products myself.

Squalane is found in our bodies and is believed to lubricate and protect our skin. Our bodies produce squalane naturally, but over time the amount is decreased, causing your skin to become rough and dry and lead to wrinkles. Biossance found a way to produce squalane from 100% plant-based sugarcane (it’s also found in shark liver, but they wanted no part in harvesting squalane from shark livers 🦈).

"Did you know that laws in the US governing cosmetic safety haven’t changed since 1938? As members of the Counteract Coalition, an alliance of clean beauty brands, we’re advocating to form stricter guidelines and demand safer products through the Personal Care Safety Act. You, too can create change with your buying power. Only purchase products from brands committed to creating nontoxic skincare."

Biossance has blacklisted over 2,000 toxic ingredients & only use the highest quality ingredients. I’ve been using squalane for about 6 months and my skin looks & feels amazing. Super hydrated and glowing.

Are you interested in trying it? You’re in luck, because they have sample set program for #FREE - you just pay the $5 S&H. I just received the Smoothing Set - 1 of 3 free sample sets featuring the Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel Visit HERE and use code: FREESAMPLES •

Or you can visit your local Sephora store to check out all of their amazing products.

Show your skin a little love, the non-toxic way.

Happy Monday!



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