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Wine-Down Wednesday & Coloring Books

Happy Tuesday! Is your week as crazy busy as mine. I need a chill night STAT! How about a Wednesday decompress night for a change?

Coco And The Director @cocoandthedirector is just the spot ( they are located at the square at the @marriotthotels )

Every Wednesday night they host a wine & coloring class. Wine is just $5 a glass & pastries are 1/2 off. You can submit their work for a chance to win free coffee for a week! I don't know about yall, but I always say yes to coffee.

Go hang out in this little nook with a group or go alone. Coloring is a great decompressor. I forgot how much a loved to color as a kid until I went and sat down, unplugged from the world. They have stadium seating (no chairs but huge steps that you can grab a pillow and sprawl out & relax or play board games that they provide.

Also, be sure to check out their bundle of up-cycled magazines themed around everything from sports to entertainment to cooking to architecture.

Ps. The local art hanging is some of my favorite in Uptown. And YES, it's for sale!

Hope you guys have a great day - stay hydrated in this summer heat.



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