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The Brevet + Other Entertainment

Tuesday night we headed North to NoDa to see The Brevet, but not before making some stops at our favorite watering hole.

We stopped by The Workman’s Friend over on Central to grab some snacks and of course, picklebacks. I have a love of Jameson whiskey and pickle juice. Speaking of, did you guys here that Sonic has a pickle slushy? I love pickles, but....

The Brevet are five guys based out of Orange County, California. I was introduced to them by my friend Lauren. She had recently seen them in Colorado and said to me "if they come to Charlotte, we should go." So off to The Evening Muse we went.

The Evening Muse is a small venue. I mean small. It MIGHT hold 200 people, and that's pushing it. So we were packed in the four walls and for a Tuesday night, it was a solid turnout. The Brevet's new single "Locked and Loaded" has a different sound than their previous album. Their music was previously described as Americana rock, they definitely rock.

I LOVE the video they did for Locked and Loaded. It looks like a cookout in someones backyard that turned into a flash mob. And that “woah-oh-oh” hook gets stuck in your head and yeah....you'll see what I mean. It makes you wanna shake ya booty.

And that's exactly what we did!

The Brevet's spring 'Locked & Loaded Tour' on sale now. They are headed up the East Coast. If you get a chance to see them....go!

Tickets at https://www.thebrevet.com Check them out on Spotify or iTunes.

See ya next time fellas <3



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