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Deep In My Thoughts On A Thursday

It’s been a busy few weeks. Lots going on. Lots of holding back tears. Lots of changes. That lump in my throat just won’t go away. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anxiety express....party of one; here I am.

1. I am getting wiser and very set in my ways. I take less & less BS from others. 

2. Road trips are the BEST way for me to clear my mind.

3. I need carbs more than I thought 4. Sometimes you should just say NO. 5. I could eat Thai Taste every day. Speaking of Thai... I’m obsessed with this hummus by Hope foods. Thanks Matt & Meg. I am hooked!

7. Naps are always a good idea. 

8. Anger will not get the best of me.  9. I find it hard to listen to anything but my Spotify playlist, which consists of southern rock and old country or jam bands.  10. I’m in the middle of a beautifully confusing time & not much matters to me besides my family and friends. Friends who sneak in my house and stock the fridge or secretly place flowers on the front porch to make me smile. Those friends.

11. The Into The Wild soundtrack always brings me back to a special place.

12. Babies will always make people happy.

13. I planted an azalea bush, two peony bushes and a rose bush this week. Digging a hole in the ground is hard; red clay sucks. Being Southern is exhausting, but I can’t wait for fresh flowers. 

13. Garden and Gun will always remind me of my grandparents. 

14. I miss my 4-wheel drive. 

15. I hate ironing, but I am determined to master it. In the meantime, thank God for Wrinkle Release. 

16. When it rains really hard, I instantly think it sounds like bacon frying. 

17. The phrase "don't take this the wrong way" has a 0% success rate.

18. I have no desire to ever go to Disney.

19. I’m still in a love/ hate relationship with fried okra. That time I mistook a tater tot for fried okra really scarred me.

20. No matter what.... life keeps going on whether you want it to or not.

21. No matter how many tears I shed, I will always find the humor in this terrible situation life has thrown me. 

22. I saw three yellow finch's fly into the crate myrtle this week. Three! Mom and I were having cocktails on the back porch and 3 of them just flew by and perched right in front of us. I’ve not seen yellow finch's since my grandfather was alive. 

23. Ed Harris is one of my favorite underrated actors. 

24. Love Reign O’er Me performed by Pearl Jam at The Who Rock Honors on VH1 still gets me. All 8 minutes and 47 seconds. 

25. Freshly painted nails always make me feel like a newer, fancier me.

26. I need hot yoga in my life, at least twice a month. 

27. Nothing like a big, soft blanket when you watch scary movies in the summertime.

28. A snoozing dog is the best company. 

What did you learn this week about yourself?



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