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Coffee Talk - Revital U

My friend Shelley, who I went to college with, is a Brand Influencer for Revital U coffee. She messaged me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would be interested in some samples and letting her know what I thought.

I said, sure. Who doesn't love free samples?

Revital U coffee gives you a boost of energy, helps improve your mental focus and helps in weight loss. Um yes, send me all the samples, please.

Shelley told me about how she got involved with RevitalU and how much it helped her with her energy and she was interested in shedding a few pounds. Since she started drinking it in December, she has lost close to 10 lbs. She was upfront about the fact that she hasn't changed much else. After drinking it for a few months, she decided to sell it because she loved it and I wanted to tell everyone about it.

I loved the samples. All you do is add hot water. You almost don't need any sweetener or cream; it's that good. Very smooth and it almost has a caramel taste. Be ready to feel physically alert and mentally in tune. It contains as much caffeine as regular coffee – 100 mg. It does not contain: gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, fish, crustacean, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or soybean wheat.

What's in it?

Revital U Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee. It contains L-Theanine, which is commonly found in green tea. This helps keep your mood up! Octodrine is an ingredient that boosts and supports the body's various metabolic functions. Chromium Polynicotinate: this mineral regulates your blood sugar, while also controlling your energy levels and weight.

2 Weeks of Revital U

"Drinking Revital U Coffee every day curbed my appetite, energized my life and gave me clarity. I lost 4 pounds in my first week." Lost to date? 10 LBS. — Jeannette P, TX.

It comes one of two ways; both are a thirty day supply. A tub is $49.99 if you purchase a one-time retail purchase or $39.99 if you decide to do the preferred, which is an automatic monthly shipment. The brew sticks (which is the same as the sample) is $59.99 retail and $49.99 preferred.

You can order through Shelley via her site www.revitalu.com/shelleybean or email her at Shelley.Lassiter@gmail.com




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