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Living My Best Life, One Yoga Class At A Time

What happens when you put 100+ yogi’s in a beer warehouse with black lights, glo body paint and some bomb ass music? You get a dayum fun time!

Me & the uber cool Lauren McBee

Essential Thrive's Blacklight Chakti Yoga class that Lauren McAbee put on at Lenny Boy Brewing last night was SOLD OUT! And for good reason - it was awesome! I highly recommend it. I woke up today feeling pretty sore, but refreshed & loved & positive. In fact, super positive.

I want to do it all over again - it was that fun!

So what is Chakti Yoga?

Chakti Yoga is an energetic, empowered flow of yoga. Good beats. Wild. Free. It's inspired to fuel your chakras and fuse your mind and body into a powerful relationship of self-love. From Kundalini foundations to HIIT, be prepared for conscious and free movement. I promise you will sweat, strengthen and smile.

The music and the energy in the room last night was awesome. There was no right or wrong; you simply just had to try to keep moving. And as Lauren stated "if you want to lay in Child's Pose the entire class, that is fine too".

Glo Pain Station

The class was $15, BUT if you are a SweatNET member ($10) a month, the class was free! I highly recommend SweatNet. These classes can get rather expensive, but SweatNET is here to change that.

What is SweatNET?

SweatNET exists to make healthy lifestyles more affordable and accessible for our communities. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete or if you only have been thinking about your new-years resolution, SweatNET is for you. SweatNET is a FREE informational platform to connect you to studios and activities around your city. Become a member of SweatNET for just $10 a month and to receive exclusive discounts on everything from classes to healthy eats.

Arden McLaughlin kept me going <3

My mat mate was Arden McLaughlin. She and I know each other from back in my days of blogging for Scoop Charlotte Magazine. We haven't seen each other in awhile, but I can think of no better way to reconnect than through an hour long ass shakin class. She has taken the class before, so she filled me in on what was about to happen....because I honestly had no idea.

The class lasts about an hour. It's a lot of movement, ass shaking and a lot of laughing. Class ended a little after 8pm. The sun had gone down and the warehouse floor was cold, which was perfect because I was sopping wet. We laid there, quiet, waiting as our heartbeats slowed down. I felt like all my worries had somehow escaped me. Lauren ended class with some very positive words that filled my heart. I love classes like these were you release so much, but walk away full.

After class we sat out on the patio enjoying the mild weather and Lenny Boy brews & kombucha. I skipped it all, as I was craving lots of H20. My Dad used to make komucha, so I am well aware of the great benefits it brings you. The flight looked really yummy, and it's cheaper than the beer. I'm sure I will be back; I have been eyeing the ginger kombucha.

Thank you to SweatNET Charlotte & the crew at Lenny Boy Brewing for letting us take over. And a special thank you to Erin Thomas of SweatNet - when I goofed on my ticket purchase, she saved the day.

Also, if anyone feeling intimidated & like “I’m not flexible” or “I can’t dance”... read the picture below - it’s 100% true. These classes are a complete judgement free zone - you basically just need to know how to shake your ass & have fun. My first class I went to I had no clue what I was doing. I could barely touch my toes. My goal was just to show up and try. And that's my goal for every class I take.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & Easter. Get outside in the sunshine - might I suggest the Little Sugar Creek Greenway or the US Whitewater Center - two of my favorite spots. You may even see me out there.

Get out there and go live your best life.



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