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9 Mile Lightrail Extenstion Is Open

Lucky and I braved the brisk weather (42 degrees) and headed North to NoDa. We met up with friends at Jack Beagals, one of my favorite cubbyhole bars. The patio is dog friendly and the heaters are some of the best in town. And the burgers are HUGE; I could barely finish it.

We visited the two new stops of the lightrail train at 25th & 36th Street. This will be super convenient, as parking, is a pain in NoDa. Round trip tickets are under $5 and you can ride the train to the main campus of UNCC.

It was such a beautiful, COLD sunset from Parkwood at 25th Street. 25th Street??? Pretty sure the city just made that Street up - lol.

The trains were running, but not taking passengers. I assume they were testing them to make sure everything run smooth for the opening on Friday.

In my best Gordie Lachance impression I yelled TRAAAAAIN when the train came.

Lucky was not amused.



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