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I’m ready to run away this weekend & go explore some hidden gems in my backyard. Not really MY backyard, but here in North Carolina. I’ve got two haunted homes I’m attempting to go into that are both within about 30 minutes of my house. And then there's the haunted prison distillery I have been wanting to check out. More on that in a minute.

Haunted homes are always fun, but scary. But fun. I never know what I am going to find. Homeless people, raccoons.....ghosts? The two homes I am looking at this weekend, one of them is actually occupied and I know the people that live in the home.

Charlotte is small, especially when your family goes back five generations. I found the Richard Wearn home and did some research on it. I even went to the home last summer, but I didn't go in. I had heard a lot of stories about homeless squaters and read how the neighbors kept an eye out for trespassers. I wasn't trying to get shot. Not to mention the home had this eery vibe. It looked straight out of Amityville. The hair on my arms and legs stood straight up, and I was standing on the sidewalk.

I kept digging and doing research on it. How could I go inside and not get in trouble?

AlI I knew was the address and that it's the second oldest home (built in 1837) in Charlotte; the Hezekiah Alexander is the oldest home. I finally found the property taxes and the deed to the home and I immediately recognized the name. The owner went to Jr. High and High School with my Mother. I immediately called her and said " I need to go in this home; call her."

Stay tuned on that......

The other home is one that I have just learned of, and is near Spencer Mountain. There are currently only two residents in Spencer Mountain, NC; two living residents, that is. The Spencer Mountain Mansion or the Pharr Yarns Mansion or the Old Love House as it is sometimes called is abandoned. The history on the home is a bit sketchy, but I hear everyone agrees that it is definitely haunted. I also hear it's a hangout for teenagers to go drink and whatever it is that teenagers do these days. I had a friend tell me about the home and she said she could barely get out of the car it was so terrifying.

In my research I found that the mansion sits where the Spencer Mountain Cemetery used to be. In fact, the entire hillside from Pharr Blvd. all the way over to Ranlo/Spencer Mountain Road was once the resting place for many souls. I found this odd because I thought you weren't allowed by law to move graves? No wonder the place is haunted.

Bring on the adrenalin rush.

Tomorrow I am taking a tour of a haunted prison that was abandoned for years, that is now a whiskey distillery. Southern Grace Distilleries is about 30 minutes North of Charlotte. It is a 21.5-acre compound that used to hold 200 to 400 inmates. Today the prison legally manufactures four varieties of fresh white corn whiskey (white lightning) and last year they rolled out their first aged bourbon, Conviction, which took a gold medal at the Micro Liquor awards in California and earned top honors (Double Gold) at The Fifty Best competition in NYC.

I wonder if you can get your sample of whiskey BEFORE the tour starts. Asking for a friend.

Interested in taking the prison tour? You can book a tour HERE for the Behind Bars Tour, which is offered Fridays and Saturdays. They also offer private tours Monday - Friday by appointment 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, please Call 704-622-6413 to schedule a tour that will fit your schedule.

Bring on the prison tours..... I’m taking Lucky with me just in case.

Cheers to the weekend!



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