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NASCAR & The Grateful Dead ✌

What a weekend!

I spent Saturday enjoying the sunshine & hopping around Southend Charlotte, listening to live music, celebrating birthdays with old friends & tasting some of the best local beers. I met up with this badass Leilani Münter, who is in the NASCAR ARCA RACING SERIES.

Leilani also an environmental activist & vegan - she’s speakin my language! I see a possible future collab with Surfrider Foundation Charlotte Chapter 🌊♻️

A hippie vegan after my own heart 💚

In 2017 Leilani made history when she raced the first ever vegan-themed race car in the world at Daytona International Speedway in the ARCA Racing Series.

When I told her of my love for the Grateful Dead and touring with them in the early 90s, she informed me her sister is married to Bob Weir (who I happen to be a HUGE fan of). I could sit and chat with her all day about her time on the road as a teenager with Bob. Oh the stories we could swap.

I think we just became best friends!

I’m looking forward to seeing her race in Charlotte on May 24th!

I wonder if Bob will be there? 🤔🤞🏼

I believe in MIRACLES 🏁✌🏼⚡️🌹☠️



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