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Sunrises & Sunsets, Junkyards & Rest. Lots Of Rest.

Sometimes you just have to embrace Mother Nature's insanity. I have become quite accustomed to her, living in North Carolina my entire life. It's an on-going joke. You can see 80 degrees and snow in the same month. Heck, you can see that in the same week here.

Sunshine and 78 degrees in February - yes, please.

I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend.

Saturday I got up in the dark & FOG & loaded up the car with my dog Lucky and headed East to Brunswick County. First stop: the super creepy, but always entertaining Fort Apache Junk Yard. I have been before, but it's always fun to go explore. I took my friend Lauren to the roadside attraction that is 28 acres of eye popping junk & artwork. Right now, it’s closed for the season but will re-open on Memorial Day weekend, so we didn’t go behind the gates, but trust me ... the roadside attraction has plenty to see ... & hear (a rooster that never stopped crowing).

There are lots of hidden gems & props from old movie sets, including The Godfather, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Wizard of Oz. This is also the final resting place of Herbie the Love Bug. The attraction has been featured on the hit TV show American Pickers.The owner Dale Varnam, is a native of Brunswick County & considers his scrap yard art, & wants to make people think.

Dale has no ill will towards anyone, as some of the displays are controversial, including a confederate flag and a make-shift meth lab on wheels that looks eerily familiar to the RV nicknamed “The Krystal Ship” in the AMC hit show Breaking Bad. It’s filled with blue crystals & cash and men in yellow hazmat suits and an FBI agent.

Like I said, there’s tons to see and it definitely made Lauren and I do some thinking. Thanks for letting us stop by & explore Dale.

After exploring the junk yard, we headed on down to Holden Beach to watch the sun come up. I spent every summer as a kid at Holden Beach, so I have a lot of great memories from their. Sunshine Lane is my spot. I like to go and take the lonnnng walk down the boardwalk to the ocean. It's a hike, but worth it.

For the most part, it's rare to see anyone else out on the beach, especially in February. Lucky and I did a LOT of walking (as you can see in the picture below, Lucky is quite dramatic after 6 miles). We walked down to the point, where we can see across the water to Ocean Isle Beach. On this particular morning, it was very foggy. I kept thinking we would maybe see some horses, but we never did. I did pick up quite a few HUGE sand dollars. No whole ones, but still beautiful.

Saturday afternoon we headed down to Ocean Isle Beach to have dinner at Jinx Creek Grille on the Inner Coastal Waterway. Everything in Holden is still closed down for the Winter, including the Fantasy Isle Ice Cream Parlor that has been featured on ABC News for a squirrel that likes to eat ice cream cones. Yes, I am serious.

Ocean Isle is another beautiful North Carolina Beach, that has plenty to do. We eyed the miniature golf course, but decided instead to go relax on the water. Golf always frustrates me. I am a lot of things, but patient is not one of them.

As you can see, the sunsets at Jinx Creek are amazing. Lauren and I sat and watched the sun set. We had both been craving scallops and had a huge plate of them, along with some other yummy seafood. I recommend the Golden Margarita and the seafood nachos.

After dinner, we were in search of an ice cream parlor, but like Holden, most shops are closed for at least another month, so we hit up the grocery store and like two old ladies, we were in bed by 8pm. Blanche and Sophia.....asleep by 9. I couldn't even stay awake for a new 48 Hours. So unlike me.

"Operation Relax" was a success. If this weather sticks around, I will be headed back to the Coast before Spring is officially here.



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