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America Is Sorry by Veronica Sims

It’s been a lazy Saturday and I’ve been doing some work and like lots of you, I laid around and scrolled through Instagram. I came across this photo of a poem my friend David’s 13 year old daughter Veronica had written. The title caught my eye: America Is Sorry. Wow! What a bold statement. As I read the poem, my eyes filled with tears. When I was 13, I was worried about my hair and if I was going to pass algebra; not being shot at school! 

Over the past week, I’ve seen numerous posts about gun control and change, and while I agree with all of that, I can’t help but recall what it was like to 13 years old. I can’t imagine the fear & anxiety and confusion these kids are feeling. My heart goes out to everyone effected. 

David, I know you are a proud Dad; your daughter just may have a future in writing! 

Veronica, if you see this, keep writing. Your words are powerful! Good job girlfriend! 


#staytunedqc #stoptheviolence

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