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UNC vs. Duke - The Hype Is Legit

The UNC - Duke rivalry is one of the best in college sports.

The hype is legit.

The hatred between fans is real.

There is nothing that can quite describe the intensity.

I grew up getting into lots of mischief, which meant I wasn’t allowed to go outside & play. My Mom would make me sit on the couch & watch sports with my Dad. It was sheer torture as a 6 year old. As an adult, I look forward to a similar torture at this time of year. College basketball is by far my favorite sport - sorry Panthers.

Tonight at 8PM, the tradition continues. We are headed to The Visulite Theatre to watch the game on the big screen. Admission is Free; doors open at 6:30; get there early if you want a seat.

Sycamore Brewing will be serving up frosty cold beverages too! How can you not love this game?

Looking forward to the Joel Berry Show - he’s lighting up rivalry week: "I love being a part of the Duke-Carolina rivalry. N.C. State, I just don’t consider that as being a rivalry. We just don’t like them. It’s not a rivalry like Duke vs UNC.” AMEN!!!

Read more here: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/unc-star-joel-berry-on-nc-state-i-dont-treat-that-as-a-rivalry/

Let's go Heels!



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