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If The Walls At The Daily Tavern Could Talk

🎤Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a Brie?

Charcuterie board for the win last night!

I stopped by The Daily Tavern, a watering hole that opened in December to catch up with a friend. We snacked on this yummy charcuterie board and beef jerky in a Mason jar. The menu was outstanding; I love that it’s not typical bar food.

The Daily location has soooo many fun memories for me. Where are my Charlotteans ? In 2000, The Rhino Club opened in this space and was pretty swanky for Uptown at that time; you had to have a brass key to get in. After the owner passed away in 2002, it was sold and the very popular Stool Pigeons was born. My friends and I spent MANY, MANY Sunday Funday's in there watching the Panthers & dancing (on the tables) to Daft Punk's ”One More Time” when they brought home a win. Anybody else remember that? It seems like a lifetime ago. Then for a second it was Dellingers (I didn’t go there much) and now The Daily. I know this place is going to take off; it’s perfect for after work get together or a starting spot before hitting the town. The owners (who also own The Workman's Friend & Tyber Creek) have really done a great job with the space. The vibe is nostalgic and laid back. Dim lighting (yes!), 20+ beers on draft & beef jerky in a mason jar - what’s not to love? **the beef jerky was fabulous.

Stop by and check it out. Shout out to Landon who took good care of us - we will be back.



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