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REBELLIA - Kick Ass Clothes For The Athletic Woman

I met Chrystal about 5 years ago via the ol' internet. Ya gotta love technology!

I had seen Chrystal's motivational posts pop up in my newsfeed and started following her. Chrystal was one of the co-owners of The Indie Chicks, a print and online magazine that had a message of female self-empowerment. I looked forward to her daily motivational posts on her Instagram page. “We need magazines that empower women, not magazines that feed on the insecurities of women. Mainstream media speaks to women in a degrading way, telling you that you just aren’t good enough. We want to create a positive media voice for women, and be the boost and empowerment. We want to start a revolution!” I remember reading that quote and thinking, "I need to meet this girl!" 

Soon after, I reached out to Chrystal and we met for coffee in Uptown Charlotte. I recall thinking to myself how driven she was. Actually, I kept thinking how young she was. I knew I had a good 5+ years on her. I wish I had her drive and ambition when I was her age. And her discipline. She is a no bullshit kinda girl. She sees something she wants and goes for it. I love that about her. She is inspiring.

"Build women up, not tear them down"

We sat and talked about what each of our goals where and what we were working on and how we could collaborate in the future. I started making a list of goals. Her posts motivated me and made me want to push myself harder in my own journey. I wanted to succeed and be successful. If she could do it, so could I. And the most valuable thing was SHE believed in me.

One thing I found we had in common was we both about building females UP. We both want to see our fellow female entrepreneurs succeed. Build women up, not tear them down. Chrystal was on fire with ideas for luncheons and networking events and her take-no-shit attitude was refreshing. She was the real deal. I remember walking out of that meeting feeling confident and energized.

Rebellia - Where girls with muscles find pretty clothes that fit

Chrystal's blog Hey Little Rebel  is something that I read religiously. She speaks to me. She hits the nail on the head every single time, whether she is talking about dating or body love or working out or friendships. She makes me feel like I am not crazy for feeling the way I do.

In 2013, her husband Jeff dragged her to the gym and encouraged her to sign up for a month. She signed up. She hated it, but she did it...for 1 month. A year went by before she went back and that's when she started lifting weights - something she swore she would never do. Most girls think that lifting weights will make you bulky and manly looking.

As you can see from her photos, she is none of these things.

She gave Crossfit 110%, like she does with all things. I saw her transform like a butterfly. Not only did she transform physically, I saw her grow as a person, all along the way sharing her triumphs and struggles with her readers. She had found something she was passionate about. She was in her lane. I always knew she would end up in business for herself, doing what she loves.  

"Rebel babes don't have to choose between pretty and strong" - Chrystal Rose

One day she went to the mall to shop for clothes and after 2 hours, she left empty handed in tears. Nothing fit her body. "For the first time in my life I wasn't upset because I hated my body. I was upset because I loved my body and had worked hard on it, and nothing fit". Chrystal, being the entrepreneur and go getter that she is decided she would design her own clothes. Her vision was to create online fashion clothing destination for athletic women. A place where women could shop and know that whatever they purchased would fit their unique body, muscles and all.

Soon after, Rebellia was born.

The vision is simple: women with athletic bodies deserve clothing that fits them. The idea that pretty and strong aren't mutually exclusive. The unconditional support of other women, self-love, & giving back.

How It Works:

  1. Find a piece that you love.

  2. Take your measurements. Each piece requires specific measurements, so we can tailor it to fit you. If you're not sure how to take your measurements, watch our video. 

  3. They match your measurements to the pieces. If they don't match up perfectly, they tailor them to fit before they ship them to you.

  4. If a piece doesn't fit you properly, please let them know here, so they can address the issue.

  5. Take pictures in your new clothes and use #rebelbabes so they can feature you on their Instagram! Don't forget to tag @rebelliaclothing

Recently, Chrystal was on Fox46 News for Small Business Wednesday talking about her clothing brand. Check it out here: http://www.fox46charlotte.com/good-day/308642199-video

This was the day that I went to work out with Chrystal. I think I lasted maybe 2 weeks. I had to see if I could do it. Let me tell you, it is hard. She would post on Facebook "someone come workout with me". So me, being the naïve guinea pig that I am was like "ok!". What was I thinking??? LOL She handed me my ass every.single.time! I would leave sopping wet. I live on the 3rd floor of my building and it was a struggle walking up (and down) those three flights of stairs. 

Chrystal taught me the basics of Crossfit. I loved it and hated it. I did end up surprising myself...and Chrystal. I did something I had no idea I could do. I lifted 175 lbs ... on my first day of deadlifting! When she finally told me how much weight was on the bar, I was like "no way!" I don't even weigh that much. I guess I am stronger than even I know. 

One thing that I noticed on the Rebellia website was this note at the bottom of the customization page. It reads: your body changes, but your wardrobe shouldn't have to. If you get super lean or make some awesome gains, we want to know! You can send your Rebellia pieces back to us, and we will do our best to tailor them to your new measurements.

Talk about excellent customer service! Rebellia is going to be a huge success, that is something I am sure of. And Chrystal, like you always tell me..."you got this."

Head on over to the site and check it out.

Happy shopping all!



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