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Asking For Help Is A Sign Of Strength

Today I caught up with Mr. Robbie Shaw.

Robbie is just one of those good ol' Carolina guys I've known since before I could drive. Every few months or so, we catch up and shoot the shit and see what has been going on in our lives. If you know us both, we usually have some stories to tell.

Don't we look just like we did in Jr High???

I recently have noticed these daily videos that pop up in my Facebook newsfeed from Robbie. He was kinda absent from Facebook for awhile and now, there he is like once a week. At first I was like 'oh snap! A new B2TD video!?!?" I never know what I’m gonna get with Robbie; is he gonna be rapping over Mobb Deep beats or talking college hoops or cooking or dancing orrrrr ... talking about deeper stuff? I was curious.

We met up over at Hi Tide Poke And Raw Bar , ordered (get the nachos) and then we dished on what we had both been up to. Robbie told me he has started his own company called Everyday With Everybody where he provides education and guidance surrounding addiction. I guess you can say he's educated on the subject. He's been there, done that. He doesn't want to go back.

Robbie's videos come from the heart, but they are lighthearted. I am not sober, but I like watching his videos and hearing what he is up to, what's on his mind ( he asked me the meaning of life last week; that's a whole nother blog), how he is helping others and most importantly, is he taking care of himself? That's what I enjoy about Robbie and why I like talking to him - he’s easy to talk to. He’s been there. He's not judging you and he's relatable. He is encouraging. He is real. It sounds cliché, but you realize you are not alone. You may walk in upset, but you’ll leave smiling and feeling that weight lifted off your shoulders.

If you are interested in these videos, you can head over to Facebook and be sure to like/subscribe and check out his website. He is doing awesome stuff. He offers everything from public speaking to one-on-one counseling. I know that when I lost Tara, Robbie was one of those people that got me through. It took me a long time to get through that grieving process and not destroy myself. Talking to Robbie always makes me feel better. Just last night I found out of a friends passing from an overdose. I hadn’t spoken to him in awhile, except through FB messenger. I had known him since high school. He went to South; I was at Myers Park. We worked together at our first jobs at Mellow Mushroom. He was always smiling; goofy; carefree. I had no idea he was struggling. That's the funny thing - addicts are good at hiding their problems. I can’t help but wonder “What if he had talked to someone? “What if had gotten help?” Those coulda/woulda/shoulda thoughts can drive a person insane.

If you are struggling with addiction, reach out. Please don’t be another friend I have to bury.

Congrats on the new gig Robbie - proud of you! Do your thing.



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