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Prison, Capone and Banjos

#TBT That time I flew across the country to California and went to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary to go find the ghost of Al Capone ... all by myself.

It was awesome!

I never heard banjos, (Capone was known to play the banjo) but it was definitely creepy AF. Want to read more about hauntings at the prison? Visit HERE

I thought about the inmates that escaped, but were never found. When I got on the boat, it was sunny and hot. As soon as we got out in the Bay, it was soooo cold and windy. Thankfully I had been told “no matter how hot it is, take a coat.” - I’m very glad I did.

Do I think those inmates survived the cold, rough waters of the Bay? No. The water was so choppy and cold and after seeing what they ate; they were probably malnourished, underweight and weak.

On the day I went, it wasn’t very crowded, so there were numerous times when I found myself all alone in the prison on C-D Block, and when I was in the Birdman’s cage, alone taking pictures of my Sugar Creek Brewing snapback (because I'm a big weirdo). The hair on my arms stood straight up after I realized my arms could almost touch wall-to-wall. My closet at home is bigger than his cell.

Alcatraz is definitely one of the best haunted place I’ve visited.

I’ve made a list of the haunted places I’d like to visit this year. People have started sending me suggestions, so if you have a suggestion on where you want me to go, post in the comments below. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Alcatraz - GO! The history is unreal. I liked it so much I stayed until dark and did the tour twice.

Happy paranormal hunting kids - stay safe!

Ps. Before I got on the boat, I watched my Panthers beat the Pats 33-30. My quarterback is 2-0 against Brady.

It was a helluva Sunday Funday 💙

Till next time.



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