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Rescue Is The Best Breed

6 years ago we rescued this little guy. 6 years! How is that possible?

I still remember the night he finally came home with me and I wrapped him in a baby blue blanket. He was so tiny. That’s not the case anymore lol. He had been poisoned with fertilizer and he had duct tape adhesive all over him. He was noticeably larger than his sister Nora, who later died. She was the dog I was planning to keep. I originally had wanted a girl. But God had different plans for us.

Today Lucky is happy and healthy and the best lil companion.

When Pfab told me she was coming to town, I knew we had to pay her a visit. Lucky snuggled right up to her and did ALL kinds of kissing & talking. I am forever grateful to Pfab for ALL of her help and guidance in his rescue. Lucky has been the best decision I have ever made.

I also have to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the vet bills. They were insane! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a million times! We had so much money donated, I had money LEFT OVER after the bills were paid; we donated it to the Humane Society. We had people donate that we didn’t even know. It was crazy. See y’all! There is good in the world. 😘

Safe travels back to the PNW Pfab! We love you ❣️



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