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My Queen / My City / My Home

I don’t know why am drawn to train tracks, but I am.

They remind me of my grandfather; he loved them.

These train tracks go right by where he worked for 40+ years at Johnson Motor Lines on 28th Street & Graham Street. The building is still there.

The train usually comes right around 4:45pm. I always wave at the guy like I’m 6 years old. They always blow the horn. It’s loud. It reminds me of the TRAAAAAAIN scene in Stand By Me.

I love coming down here to clear my head. There’s a perfect view of the city. I sat this afternoon and counted the cranes. There are about 12 that I could see in Uptown.

When I worked at Duke Energy, we’d play a game called cranespotting where we’d count cranes from the 46th floor. In a year, this area will look completely different. I can remember before the Bank Of America building and The Hearst Tower and Duke Energy; before Ericsson Stadium; now Bank of America Stadium when just the First Union building lit up the sky; before they blew up Hotel Charlotte. I got to watch that from these train tracks when I was a little girl. (There’s a VHS tape; 80s attire and all).

The Charlotte skyline is expanding and the Queen looks like a big city. She’s growing up. It’s been very cool to watch over the years. Bittersweet. I don’t want us to get too big. My home still needs to feel cozy and like I know every nook and cranny and corner of the city.

Such a beautiful place to call home ⚡️♥️👑🔑🏙🏠

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