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Adventure Awaits

What a week!

It started with a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Brandon. So good seeing so many familiar faces. Pretty sure he was surprised. Great job by his wife Megan.

Monday I headed to Marshville, NC to Giving Tree Farm, where my best friend Stacey from high school had new born baby goats - I was in love you guys.😍 They are adorable. I got to play with her alpacas, chickens and she even had a donkey. I was easily entertained. Farm life is hard work though, let me tell ya. I loved it though. I can’t wait to go back.

“Farm life...where ya keep ya soul clean and ya boots dirty”

Finally the meteorologist got it right and we saw snow on Wednesday. Almost 5 inches here in Southend. We enjoyed hibernating and binge watching Netflix for a few days. I’m watching Weeds again. Such a great series.

I finished out the week celebrating a new contract with a real estate company that starts next week. I’m excited to go back to a 9-5 gig and be working with such a great company. Beers at Sugar Creek Brewing were in order with my girl Jackie West; the raspberry white ale is our favorite.

Tonight we are baking homemade eggplant parm and chocolate chip cookies. I think I have this hibernation thing down y’all!

Here’s to great friends & new adventures. Next week is going to be exciting. I can’t wait to fill you guys in....later ;)




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