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Somedays Life Calls For An Umbrella

Without rain, nothing ever grows. Learn to embrace the storms of your life.

Somedays life calls for an umbrella. This cold rainy Monday after a Panthers loss definitely did.

Ouch - what a way to end the season. So many missed opportunities. That missed field goal - ugh! We had a good season and I’m looking forward to seeing what the guys will do next season. 2018 will be our year - I can feel it!

"Somedays life calls for an umbrella"

I know it’s winter, but it’s been extremely cold for Charlotte. We are not used to these teen temperatures. Getting up has been extra hard but like I said, I’m trying to embrace it. I’ve never been a fan of the cold. Sunshine and humidity anyday for this girl!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. I’m off to grab Thai Taste (the panang curry with chicken, spice level 2 is about all that can keep me warm these days) and a fuzzy blanket and snuggle up by the fire for movie night!



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