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Today I had to run numerous errands up near Statesville and Concord. Of course I stumbled upon some abandoned gems and had to stop and investigate.

I have no idea why I am drawn to abandoned places. I am always curious to the story behind how they became abandoned or at one time, was there a family that was happy there? Or a successful business?

I stumbled upon this house on Hwy 601. There was no address on the mailbox and I didn’t want to trespass, but it was in the 6400 Block near the Concord Speedway.

It sat in a huge field with overgrown shrubs and bushes and dead trees. I wondered about the history. I admired the two chimney’s and thought about if I had to live there a hundred years ago, in cold weather like we are having now (in the teens)... would I have survived?

I stopped at a few other spots along the way and snapped these. No reason in particular.

I even drove into the old Concord Speedway. Funny to see that small track and tiny box office. At one time, I know that was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

I made sure to stop at one of my favorite places in Mooresville: the What-A-Burger! If you have never been, you should check it out. It’s an old curb side drive up that is still a CASH ONLY restaurant with yummy burgers and my favorite: cherry lemon Sundrop with the good crunchy ice(see picture below). They also have the Witch Doctor which I love. It’s a variety of sodas and then they add pickles. Yes PICKLES. Welcome to the South!

I’ll let ya know if I find out anything more on the house. I know there’s a story there.

I’d say 2018 is off to a good start.

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