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Help Find Kyle - 10 Years Later

It's been 10 years since Kyle Fleischmann went missing from Uptown Charlotte. 10 long years.

Unreal nothing was ever found. And I mean NOTHING.

I remember that day and the days after well. Me and a few friends sat at the fire station Uptown on 9th Street as they put together volunteer search crews. I recall his Mom and Dad coming in; his Mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she had just had surgery. They walked in, looking tired and distraught. Worried, as any parents would be. Kyle's Dad thanked all of us. I could only think of my parents and I couldn't even imagine what they were going through. I still can't.

I stayed at the fire station the first couple of days, calling every restaurant and bar owner I knew to ask for food and water donations for the volunteers. I wanted to help. I wanted to do anything I could. I thought for sure he'd have been found him by sundown on the first day, that he was drunk and passed out somewhere. But 10 years later.... nothing. Did I know Kyle personally? No. But Buckhead Saloon was where me and my friends hung out at least 2-3 times a week. I walked out of that bar a million times. Alone. We all did. This was before Uber and Lyft. This could have easily been one of us. I think that's why so many of us were so involved with searching for him and wanting answers. Closure. But it's never happened. Not yet.

I will say I'm surprised and glad that the case has not been closed and detectives are still searching for leads. Someone knows something and I pray that they find the courage to come forward.

This is a podcast that was put out awhile back. It's pretty detailed and interesting the different theories of what might have happened. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/trace-evidence/e/51106767?autoplay=true My heart goes out to the Fleischmann Family. ********** This was a post from Molly Grantham at WBTV: Kyle Fleischmann. Tomorrow, Nov. 9th, marks ten years. I talked with Kyle's dad tonight. The eve of a decade of mystery. He was talking with reporters the day after his son never came home in 2007; I was one of many covering the story. We've always stayed in touch. Tonight he said something a little different. "Frankly, Molly, I no longer believe in closure," Dick Fleischmann said. "I now believe you just learn to live with it." Kyle left a bar in Uptown Charlotte without his wallet, but he had his phone. He walked a block to Fuel Pizza. He ordered food, then wandered out of the shop never to be seen again. "The thing is," Dick said. "If whatever happened to Kyle in 2007 would happen today in the world of Uber, I think my son would be okay. He would've had his phone and called for a car with the press of a button. Wouldn't have needed to wander around a bad neighborhood and get lost. He could've just pressed for an Uber when he walked out of Fuel." We'll have more tonight on WBTV News at 11p on this, and I'm putting something together for Thursday at 5pm as well, on the actual anniversary. But I wanted to write this now as a more personal reflection. I've been taken with the Fleischmann family, and have for years. I don't know how you move on after a child disappears and you have no concrete evidence of what happened... but they have. They make themselves. I have nothing but respect for Dick Fleischmann and how he makes himself talk about this every year in the off-chance someone... anyone... someone... decides to come forward and put this family at ease. If you know something, please say it. There is a still-active "Help Find Kyle" Facebook page (it's not letting me tag it, but it's easy to find) where tips come in. Or you can call Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Crimestoppers at 704-334-1600. Or hell, you can email me at mgrantham@wbtv.com. Ten years is a long time for parents to not know anything. And someone, somewhere, knows something. -Molly

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