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Sunsets > Netflix

It's been a great week you guys. Work has been busy and moving fast. The year is flying by. How is it almost October?

This weekend I am so excited to see one of my all time favorite musicians, Jason Isbell, formerly of Drive By Truckers. I saw the Grammy Award winner at the Whitewater Center River Jam two summers ago and I have been dying to see him again.

Jason is on rotation on my playlist; I listen to him daily. He is said to be one of he best lyric writers of my generation, and I couldn't agree more. He isn't modern country by any means, and in fact he is not a fan of modern country. "Most of that stuff is real bad music" he said in a recent Rolling Stone magazine article. I couldn't agree more.

The Alabama native has that southern soulful voice that tells a story of things I can relate to. It's that simple. He is said to be "the youngest old man in country music" and I definitely pick up on what he has been through. His stories have so much wisdom and experience in them as he talks of his life before sobriety. If you are interested, tickets are available to his 2 night show at Ovens Auditorium.

Here he is recently on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Sunday, I am off to California. I am so excited to return to the West Coast and explore more of this state. I was out there earlier this year and drove the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Laguna Beach ( roughly 500 miles ). And then I had to drive it BACK....but that's a whole nother story.

This trip I have an entirely different agenda. I plan to check out Haight Ashbury, Alcatraz, Big Sur and Pebble Beach. The last time I was out there it was rainy and the road to Big Sur had been washed out.  I was completely bummed, but they have since repaired the bridge and I have a reservation for 1 on the patio at Nepenthe. And of course I am going to hit the Pacific Coast Highway and head South to Ventura and Newport Beach to see some friends. I am really looking forward to this much needed break, but there is no doubt I will miss home. I always do.

views from Nepenthe - Big Sur, CA.

Hope you all have a great Friday and don't worry, I will be watching my Panthers vs. Pats on Sunday and cheering from the West Coast. Listen and I am sure you will hear me.

Till next time.....

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