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I Can See Clearly Now, My Contacts Are Gone

I've wanted to get LASIK forever. Like FOREVER. I'm terrible with contacts + glasses. As my file at the Dr.'s office says "contact abuser" - yikes!

I came into TLC & found out I was a candidate - yeah! I scheduled the surgery & planned to come in and be done in a few hours. Pump the breaks --> change of plans. Have y'all met me? #MurphysLaw

I came in for some last minute tests + after reviewing my charts and family history, the Dr. said my corneas are too thin (Really? Of allllll the "too thin" things on my body + it's my corneas??? Thanks God!). So we opted for plan B - PRK surgery. What is PRK? It's just like LASIK, but no cutting on my eyes. They just use lasers. Very Star Wars.

The downside to PRK is it's a longer recovery process for the eyes to heal. That means NO vision for roughly 5 days. 5 days in the dark. I was terrified, but I was confidant I'd be fine. I always am. And Dr. Jaben has an excellent reputation with a 99.9% success rate.

The day of the surgery I was ready! I was given Xanex and numbing drops for my eyes. Dr. Jaben came in and went over exactly what was about to happen. He made it sound so easy-peasy. I was already pretty relaxed. I was mostly excited; the thought of never having to wear contacts or glasses ever again was so foreign to me. How was this a possible? Thank you nerds!

I was soon taken into a room and laid down on a table and Heather, my friend who works for Dr. Jaben's gave me a stuffed animal; a green frog. She told me to hold it on my chest. I remember thinking 'why they hell did she just give me a stuffed animal; I'm a grown ass woman!"

I soon found out why.

As I laid on the table, Dr. Jaben begin to calmly narrate what he was about to do. It was like having my own Morgan Freeman walk me through the surgery. He said "this will all be over in about 10 minutes." He began putting these things in my eyes to open them up as wide as he could. Uncomfortable? A little. Next, he started dropping liquid in my eyes that was ice cold. It was so cold, my head started to hurt. It reminded me of an ice cream brain freeze. To me...this was the worst part of the entire procedure. Then, Dr. J took what I assume looked like a miniature spatchula and put it on my eyeball (which I couldn't feel at all; completely numb) and wipe away a layer of my eye. It was similar to windshield wipers. I could see everything he was doing, but couldn't feel anything. I soon realized I was squeezing the daylights out of that frog I had on my chest. I had a mini internal panic attack as I thought to myself "oh no! What if something goes wrong? What if I'm the 1% that fails....is it too late to get off this table?" But then I quickly pulled it together and assured myself I was fine, it was all going to be fine...I could do this.

The procedure was almost done. The last part was this ET space shuttle looking thing that came down really close to my face and Dr. J said "hold still...you might smell gas". What I smelled was not gas: I smelled burning hair. Ya know when you burn your hair with the flat iron? That's what it smelled like. It moved around and made some noises. I kept waiting on something to happen, but before I knew it, Dr. J said "Jenna, you are all done."

I hopped off the table and removed my fist that was clinched around that poor frog. Heather was there with her iPad ready to snap a shot. The first person I got to see was my sweet Mom, standing at the glass window watching the procedure on a TV. I could see her familiar face perfectly. I was so ready to go see the world....but first, 5 days of recovery.

Now when I say 5 days, I mean 5 days. These are my eyes. I was risking nothing. If you get LASIK you are done immediately. But I can always use rest and the only way I'll rest is when it's Dr. ordered. So I took that weekend to do nothing but rest. I listened to podcasts (mostly 48 Hours) and slept. Monday was Labor Day and it was supposed to be the "worst" day. It's the day when the corneas are healing and coming together and your vision is supposed to be very blurry. They call it Vasoline eye. Fortunately, I didn't have any of the side effects they said I would have. No burning. No itching. I was fine and getting rest like I have needed for years.

I went back in for my follow up the next week. My Dr's were very pleased with my recovery. "I've been doing this for 20 years and I've only seen 1 other patient that I can recall heal as fast as you" - Dr. Mary Rauch. My secret? I slept a ton, took 4000+ mg of vitamin E & C twice a day, took a multi vitamin and (a rather expensive) Omega 3 vitamin. I also made sure to take my Coregenx two times a day, and in just 4 days I had 20/20 vision. BOOM! Life... changing. If you are considering LASIK or PRK - DO IT! If you have any questions about the procedure, message me. Also, to see if you are a candidate, it is FREE! I get an AWESOME discount that I'm happy to hook you up with. Like....a ridiculous discount you guys. Call 704-604-2151 and ask for Heather; tell her you read about the experience and she will set you up. The first step is seeing if you are a candidate...and as I said previously.....its FREE & takes about 30 minutes. Think about it....no glasses or contacts EVER again! A huge shout out to Dr. Jaben and his staff at TLC Laser Eye Center South Park & to Heather Puljung Voelker for all of her help over the years of me wanting to do this. I should have definitely done this sooner! Yeah - I can see 👀

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