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The Haunted Mill Invites Your Soul

Come October, everyone is looking for a thrill. Spooky trails, corn mazes and haunted houses start popping up everywhere. Being born on Halloween, I am no stranger to these places.

Belmont, NC is an sleepy mill town located about 15 miles outside of Uptown Charlotte, NC and even though mills are a thing of the past, there is 1 mill that is still very alive. The Haunted Mill,

The Haunted Mill is said to be Carolina's Premier Haunted House with documented paranormal activity. I was invited out to the 120 year old mill this past weekend for the 20th year anniversary Grand Opening. I have been to the mill numerous times in the past , but had heard new parts have been opened so I wanted to check it out. To be scaring people for 20 years, they must be doing something right.

Once I saw this promo video, I was in.

The Mill offers 3 attractions at 1 location. There is the Haunted Mill, 3D Blacklight Mini-Golf and the ALL NEW Escape Room with a Zombie Outbreak. I chose to do The Mill ($16) as I wanted to see exactly HOW scary it was. It was about 20 minutes of intense scariness with crazy mazes, chainsaw clowns and zombies; did I mention the chainsaws that will have you running out the door....literally. I wasn't allowed to take pictures/videos once I was inside, but I can assure you....you will be terrified.

I figured I'd go with my guy friends because they'd protect me, right? WRONG! My favorite part was when one of the guys with the chainsaw was like "come here blondie!" Drew turned around and he was like "not you! I want HER!" I took off like a snake in the grass!

Go check it out. It's a good time. Wear your comfy shoes because you will definitely run.

Also be sure to check out Groupon, as they have had coupons running.

 For more information on pricing and hours of operation, visit www.thehauntedmillnc.com

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