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The Ghost In The Window

This is the Richard Wearn House out on Tuckaseegee Road. It's 1 of the cities oldest homes. The Hezekiah Alexander House is the oldest; it was built in 1774.

The house was built in 1844 by Richard Wearn & his wife Henrietta Thompson, who were from Scotland & came to Charlotte, NC where Richard spearheaded much of the gold mining efforts.

The house has been abandoned since the late 80s. The house is listed on the Char-Meck Historical Landmarks Commission, where it states the home was originaly a log cabin & later turned into a wood plank farmhouse that was Victorianized.

Recently my friend Diana's mother went to visit the home. After seeing this photo that she took, I said "I must visit this home".

Look in the upstairs window. What do you see? Yeah I see it too!

Update: January 2018 After a lot of research, I found that the home has been purchased. Do you want to hear how small Charlotte is? When I was reading the paperwork on the home that I found online, the name Susan Ward sounded so familiar. I instantly called me mother and asked her if she knew her. She said "Yes, in fact you have met her at our Christmas party when you were in high school. Yall sat at the island in the kitchen and talked for a long time!" It all came back to me....that Christmas party years ago. I squealed with excitement and said "Mother! You have to call her right now!" So she did and Susan said I can come see the inside of the home anytime I like. Now....if I can just find a free day.....

Yall stay tuned. I'll make it happen.

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