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Dixie Darlin's World Series: Part I

Last night I found myself driving over 2 hours from Uptown Charlotte to Sumter, SC to watch a ballgame. I grew up playing ball and I have always loved the game. My sister and I both played from they time we could walk until our late 20s. Our Dad coached us. We played rec ball, travel ball, All-Star ball....we did it all.

So, it was no surprise when my sister Sonja's daughter Ella started to play, that my Dad and sister would coach. One of the girls from their team, Lilly White was chosen for the Lancaster County All-Star team. They won the SC State Championship and tonight they are representing in the Dixie Darlin's World Series. My sister said to me 'You really should drive down here; they are good". I thought about the two and a half hour drive. It's a good thing I love road trips. I am glad I made the drive.

I stood and watched the girls warm up and then they cranked up FloRida's 'Welcome To My House' and the fans got hype! Like....really hype. I couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement. My sister and I both cheered the girls on.

I couldn't help but to have flashbacks of all the years of ball Sonja and I had both played. I thought back to a year I was pitching in the state playoffs and I nearly had my head taken off with a line drive. I caught it though. My Dad loves to joke that I didn't know I caught it till I looked in my glove.

I thought about the year where I was in a tournament with a travel team in Taylorsville, NC and my sister was in a tournament in Thomasville, NC. My parents would drive back and forth (over an hour) between games to cheer us on. Keep in mind, this was before cells phones and social media...and on top of it, we had a baby brother for them to keep up with!

The rules are a little different that when we played. Some things I noticed:

- Your coach slow pitches to you.

- There are no walks.

- If your team is up more than 10 runs, the game is over.

South Carolina pulled away and ended up beating Alabama 18-7. Tonight they will play Louisiana for the Dixie Darlins World Series, and yes, I will be there to cheer Lilly and the girls on. I forgot how much I love this game and how fun it is to watch. It is definitely worth the 2 hour drive.

My Dad, my sister Sonja with Ella and Lilly after the win!

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