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Coregenx: SmartCore Has Changed My Life

Coregenx has changed my life you guys! Loving this product.

I've been taking this patented medical grade hydrolyzed liquid collagen supplement for 5 weeks + my hair + skin look great; my energy levels are through the roof.

I've even cut out coffee 😳

Say whut???

You are born with a body that can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince. I have been promoting this product but honestly, it sells itself. Athletes are taking interest in it for the muscle repair and recovery side effect. I originally started researching this product for my mom, who is battling cancer and had lost her hair and her nail beds were suffering. The more research I did on this form of collagen, the more I was like "I want to take this!" It's been the best investment I have ever made on myself.

This product is:

- gluten free

- soy free

- dairy free

- caffeine free

- sugar free

- non GMO

- grain free

- Paleo friendly

- no artificial flavors or colors

- no chemicals

I take it every morning (instead of coffee) before I head out for the day. It's a liquid you just squeeze in your mouth and you are done. It tastes a lot like a cherry sweet tart. Not bad at all.

After the age of 25 your body loses 1% of collagen a day....which means hello wrinkles. YIK! This daily dose adds that back into your body making your skin look... youthful again. My skin looks better than it ever has.

Get your mind + body right with a daily squeeze of safe, all-natural hydrolyzed collagen.

If you are interested in learning more, email me at jennagribble1031@gmail.com

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