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Newcomb/Berryhill Home

If you've ever visited Alexander Michael's in #Uptown's Fourth Ward, you've seen the Berryhill (or Newcomb) Home that is located at 324 West Ninth Street, on the corner of North Pine. I've walked by this home a million times.

It's a huge Victorian home that was built in 1884 by John H. Newcomb. There are 6 bedrooms total; 4 original and 2 rooms in a later addition. On the lot next door, his brother George built an identical home that no longer exists.

The brothers were from White Plains, New York and came to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1879. They owned a factory called Newcomb Bros that manufactured windows. The loan for construction on both lots was purchased by the brothers wives Gussie and Susie Newcomb (common in that day) for $3600 and was paid off in 1889.

John Newcomb died in 1892 at the age of 47. His daughter, also named Gussie married Earnest Wiley Berryhill. That is when the name Berryhill became associated with the home (which is odd to me; it should be known as the Newcomb Home) Mr. Berryhill owned a grocery store at 401 W Ninth Street; he was said to have a heart of gold and often fed the needy. Today that grocery store is the restaurant Alexander Michaels.

The home has been restored and the Newcomb's are buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Uptown, just a few rows over from William and Julia Treloar

To read more about the Berryhill Home visit http://www.cmhpf.org/S&Rs%20Alphabetical%20Order/surveys&rberryhillhse.htm

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